RECOMMENDED DISH/東京オイスターバーのオススメ

ウニ牡蠣盛り合わせ カニ牡蠣盛り合わせ2牡蠣盛り合わせ3


Fruits de Mer<Assorted Seafood fortune

Anything in the French oyster barFirst we will order Oyster Platters
The oyster will play the leading role, trays will come out with luxurious seafood such as Omar, Ise shrimp, crab, scumby, abalone and sea urchinThe top of the table is exactly like Fruits de MerYou will be happy.

How is it like an important anniversary
We will arrange it according to customer's request as you like
Because it may take days to stock ingredients such as Omar
Please make a reservation 2 days in advance
5,000yen per person(Tax included)You can make a reservation for 2 of more people. The picture is a couple of 6,000 yen for one person
The content varies according to the season
In addition ,please note that cancellation on the day can not be done.

《 Live Oyster 》
Rich taste of fresh oysters, Please taste the taste of each country's ocean oyster
《 Grilled Oyster 》
The taste of oysters stands out, It is baked with original topping

Raw oyster with shell


Japanese style baked oyster


Sea urchin cream sauce


Italian style with tomato, mozzarella and basil


Seasonal vegetable gratin

Available live oysters are Coffin Bay, Kumamoto, Pacific, Irish Premium, etc.If you wish to have a specific oyster please contact us by phone.Menus are subject to change due to circumstances.The picture is an image, it may differ from the actual.