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That was about 25 years form now。

Oysters piled up in stalls that have never been seen in Japan that was on the back street of Building when I went to Europe.Professionals who peel off fresh oyster shells one after another very quickly.The shop that was invited by the atmosphere was "Oyster Bar".Pour raw freshly brewed oysters directly out of the shell Then the fragrance of the sea and the richness of thick oysters spread in the mouthI was so impressed by its taste.

The thought to the oyster bar

After returning home, I did not leave that experience, so I searched for similar stores in Japan but there were only limited places dealing with raw oysters at that time.So to convey that impressionLet's make a shop by ourselveswe decided、「Oysters in Japan and world's oysters could be taste in a timely mannerAs a concept,In 1999, we opened "Tokyo oyster bar" in Gotanda.

「Pioneer of the Oyster bar」

At that time there was no category called Oyster bar,Although I had a hard time in making menus and making various arrangements centering on raw oysters,I gained a lot of support for oyster lovers and also its style is the starting point of the current "oyster bar".

Even so and from now also.

We are waiting for everyone 's visit by all the staff with "heart of hospitality" "healthy smile" so that we can deliver more than ever.